Transport Technology Forum

Transport Technology Forum exists to give leadership, direction and support to stimulate investment in innovation and technology solutions. We have supplied the organisation with event support, for both the events they host in the UK and global events they attend.
Our work has included logo design and brand identity development, exhibition stands, brochures and supporting literature and social media assets. Working with TTF and the Department for Transport, we developed a digital portal to enable local authorities to apply for funding for innovative Traffic signal technologies. Once the funding was granted, the portal allowed the DfT to monitor the funding usage using data inputted by the local authorities.

"This was a complex brief that required the creation of a very specialised website to provide detailed, multi-layered engineering guidance and support to local authorities in the use of new technology on the highway. It could only have been successful if the developer worked to understand the principles and aims of the site and made the effort to become familiar with the needs of the end users, Thynne Creative did this, and the result has been very successful and widely praised in the sector. They managed what was a complex delivery programme efficiently and consistently produced high quality, well managed work on time and to agreed budgets."

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